Our Non-Dairy Ice Cream finally gets set to launch!

Top and bottom. #vegan #sugarfree #glutenfree #foodporn #healthyfood #allergenfree #ice cream . First in the world, we think!

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As we get ready to launch our new range of refined sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free and allergen-free (except the peanuts in Peanut Butter) frozen dessert (non-dairy ice cream), here is a guide to the nutritional information and the look of the tubs.
Coco Vanilla
Typical Values                    per 100g RI%
Energy kJ/kcal                      602/141 7.1
Fat:                                              9.0g 12.8
of which saturates                     7.9g 39.5
of which monounsaturates       0.6g 1.7
of which polyunsaturates          0.1g 0.6
Carbohydrate:                           17.8g 6.8
of which sugars                          8.9g 9.9
of which polyols                          8.3g –
Fibre                                            9.2g 51.1
Protein                                         0.6g 1.1
Salt                                           <0.1g <1.7

Peanut Butter
Typical Values                     per 100g RI%
Energy kJ/kcal                       733/169 8.5
Fat:                                            13.0g 18.6
of which saturates                     8.0g 40.0
of which monounsaturates        3.0g 8.6
of which polyunsaturates           1.5g 9.4
Carbohydrate:                            15.4g 5.9
of which sugars                           7.5g 8.3
of which polyols                           7.9g –
Fibre                                            9.6g 53.3
Protein                                          2.8g 5.6
Salt                                            <0.1g <1.7

Typical Values                     per 100g RI%
Energy kJ/kcal                       617/149 7.5
Fat:                                            11.4g 16.3
of which saturates                     9.7g 48.5
of which monounsaturates        1.0g 2.9
of which polyunsaturates          0.1g 0.6
Carbohydrate:                           13.2g 5.1
of which sugars                          6.8g 7.6
of which polyols                          5.8g –
Fibre                                            7.8g 43.3
Protein                                         1.4g 2.8
Salt                                             <0.1g <1.7

They have been specially created for vegans and those looking to remove sugar, dairy and any allergens from either their own or their children’s diet. High in fibre, low in salt, sugar and calories and containing only natural ingredients, the range is not only Vegan Society approved but also Kosher. This will allow those on a halal diet to be comfortable that we have covered this area as well. Gym and fitness experts who take their exercise and nutrition seriously, should also be interested.
It will launch nationwide in March and be available in health food stores and retail shops. For more information, please contact us at sales@sweetrebellion.co.uk and look at our Sweet Rebellion Facebook page.

  • Chris

    Can I ask, does the egg yolk need to be added into some of your other frozen desserts? These would then also be vegan friendly… Surely you could replace the egg yolk for something else.