Inulin Finally Wins EU Health Claims

One of Sweet Rebellion’s ingredients is inulin, also known as chicory root fibre, and this week it was announced that inulin/oligofructose has won a health claim that it can help control blood glucose levels as well as a more general claim that it offers a ‘lower and more balanced blood glucose rise’. Inulin and oligofructose,… Read more »

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Does Sugar Cause Heart Disease?

By Sir Charles Jessel Bt. Dip ION, FBANT Originally written in 1986 and reprinted and amended March 2016. What is Heart Disease? What do we mean by heart disease? There are various health problems that can be included in this description. Congenital defects can lead to increased volume in circulating blood. An incompetent valve can cause… Read more »

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Our Non-Dairy Ice Cream finally gets set to launch!

As we get ready to launch our new range of refined sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free and allergen-free (except the peanuts in Peanut Butter) frozen dessert (non-dairy ice cream), here is a guide to the nutritional information and the look of the tubs. Coco Vanilla Typical Values                  … Read more »

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